Oh Be Joyful Creek – River Guide

Nested high in the mountains of Colorado, in the rural mountain town of Crested Butte, lies one of the most kayaked Class V creeks in Colorado, Oh Be Joyful Creek. With many waterfalls and cascading slides Oh Be Joyful has everything a whitewater kayaker could ask for. Although just about every good boater in Colorado has either run it or really wants to, Oh Be Joyful Creek is still a Class V. Which means it is dangerous, and people have broken bones on some of the larger drops. So if anyone should kayak it, they need to know the lines. Here is a step by step tutorial for every rapid on Oh Be Joyful Creek. From put in to take out, follow professional kayakers Grady Kellogg, Brody Kellogg, Kenny Kellogg, Dally Kellogg, Kady Kellogg, Garret Madlock, Jeremy Adkins, and Tom Dolle down what is one of the greatest Class V creeks in the state of Colorado.

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