14K Studios knows a little about branding and marketing and we know how invaluable an audience is for musicians.

As a musician you should be giving your fans a new, high-quality video for their viewing pleasure consistently.  When we say consistently, we aren’t necessarily saying often, but whether you choose to upload once every week, bi-weekly, once per month or even every few months, consistency is the key if your goal is to grow and get in front of more and more fans.

Staying relevant is imperative. By consistently putting yourself out in front of people your music stays new and fresh and interesting.  When your fans know that a new video will be released on a regular schedule you create buzz and that is priceless for up and coming artists.  The anticipation of something new cannot be over valued in this competitive genre.

Video is key, in all things.  14k Studios wants to keep your music hot and fresh by filming videos of amazing quality that will excite your fan base and give them access to you! Video is really the only way to share the full experience of you, the artist and the musician.  Video is the only tangible way to create a product that your fans can share across Social Media to help you grow.

What do we film?

At 14, we film everything and anything.  We film live performances, music videos for a new release, recording sessions, band practice,  a band documentary … really the opportunities are endless.  It’s all about getting people out to your shows, buying your music and becoming loyal fans.

Working with musicians is one of our favorite assignments, we can really get creative and think outside the box to create something fresh and new.

The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.

-Peter Jackson

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