Documenting & Storytelling is our passion, this is where our roots sprung.  Here at 14k we create crisp stunning films that encompass the full details of your special day without missing a moment.  A true cinematic experience using professional audio, music and lighting.

Preserve and re-live your memories with a video created by 14k Studios that documents every detail of these special events.  Whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, a child’s sporting event or even something as wild as a promo video or a family ski trip, 14k has you covered.

From weddings and graduations to birthday parties, engagements, sports events and more, we capture every minute on film for your enjoyment, allowing you to participate fully in the moment without the need for you to do the filming.  We’ve all been there, wanting to preserve the memory of the special event, yet not wanting to miss the actual event happening right before us.  14k Studios gives you the freedom to live in the moment and enjoy your friends and family during a special occasion.   We think that’s priceless!

Depending on the package you choose we can provide everything, from the entire unedited footage to a beautifully edited special highlights video of varying time increments that is perfect for sharing with family and friends.


No doubt weddings are one of, if not the most, important events in our lives.  I mean, we spend a year or more planning, making everything just perfect for our special day.  From the dress, to the bridal party to the catering and the venue, nothing is left unattended.

But the actual day is a total blur, it goes by so fast with almost no memories.  It’s true, ask your parents, your friends, we are willing to bet very few of them remember most of that day.

14k Studios can be there with you etching into stone the excited and nervous moments before the ceremony, the giving away of the bride, the exchange of vows, the first kiss as husband and wife.  Then after all the laughter with the wedding party as you stand for photos, the bliss on both your faces, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, the toasts, the cutting of the cake, best wishes from friends and family.  We capture all of this and so much more for prosperity.  A gift to show your future children and your grandchildren.  A gift that every time you watch the video of your special day, the memories are etched deeper and stronger into your memory.

14k will capture your personal love story in an exquisite 20-30 minute film, capturing every moment that will serve to rekindle your love, your memories and offer you a keepsake to share with everyone in your life, now, tomorrow and in the future.

It’s our pleasure to help take some of the worry and concern off your shoulders and place it on our very capable shoulders.  So, relax and enjoy your day, knowing our talented and experienced team will create the most beautiful and memorable video of your most cherished day … your wedding.


Oh the moment all parents everywhere hope will happen some day!  Graduation!  Whether it is kindergarten, elementary school, high school, or college, graduation is a great accomplishment for both parents, and their kids.  And, it’s our firm belief that great accomplishments are meant to be filmed!

In addition to being wildly fun, graduations are family gatherings, mini reunions, if you will. And since you can’t be everywhere all at once, 14k Studios can capture all the moments that you may have missed while making small talk with Aunt Edna.  You have another purpose other than to be everywhere, see everything and record everything.  And, we know what to film and how to film it to create a video that preserves your special memories.

Capture the event with a Graduation Video.  Our team will create a carefully edited video encompassing all the memorable parts of the ceremony including the walk in, the speeches, your child’s name being announced, the after party and anything else you specify that you wish to have included!

It’s important to us that your graduation gets captured exactly the way you want it.  Don’t gamble with important memories, when 14k Studios is only a phone call away!

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for the young is a huge industry.  There are people in every corner, from venues to actual party planners and we understand exactly why.  I mean our precious children only celebrate their first birthday once, we only have one sweet sixteen, and only once do we become full fledged adults.  So, with all the time and planning and money that goes into making your loved ones birthday a very special occasion, it only makes sense to capture the event on video!

Just think how much joy it will be to watch your baby devour her first piece on birthday cake or rip open his presents (and eat the wrapping paper)!  Or how thankful you will be that you hired a professional company to capture your daughter’s Sweet 16.  These are moments we cannot duplicate. Our children grow so quickly, it’s so wonderful to have time capsules in the form of video to remember their younger days by!

But we don’t just film kids, we love being called in to film adult birthday parties, from the squeaky clean to the wild parties, though squeaky clean is how all our birthday videos are edited, because what happens at adult birthday parties stays at the party, am I right?  One of our favorite birthday parties was for a gentleman who was turning 100 years old.  He called us and requested that we take some of the older videos from when he was in his 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and intertwine them with videos from his 60’s and beyond.  It was a beautiful celebration of his life in the Navy as a young father, a grandfather, and as a great grandfather.  His family was very close and the video made even us cry.

We would love to play an integral role in creating a memorable birthday celebration for you and your loved ones and beyond.  Remember, we take special requests as well.


So, it’s no secret, Graden Kellogg, our strapping young President here at 14k, recently asked the love of his life, Sarah King to be his wife.  And guess what, we secretly filmed it.  We set Grady up with a mini microphone that he was able to turn on before leaving the restaurant and heading about 2 blocks to where he had decided to propose, in the courtyard of Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, CO.

You know, of course, that we were waiting there for them and had everything ready, just as we had discussed.  We hung the mistletoe (they were engaged on Christmas Eve) exactly above where Grady planned to propose.  We asked the Hotel to turn on all their Christmas lights, and there were tons, and we waited with cameras, family and bated breath.

You can ask Sarah, as I have, if she was thankful her engagement was filmed.  She will tell you yes as she was so overwhelmed with genuine emotion that it was impossible to take it all in.  She and Grady have on video their most natural selves, their emotions, their tears of joy, their elation, Sarah’s surprise and excitement and wonder.  It’s truly a beautiful beautiful video that they will cherish forever.

The moment your future begins is certainly one of the most precious events of your life.  The lead-in, the proposal, and then the after, hugs, kisses, swooning, all of this you want to remember, and we really would love to be there for you to capture it all on film.  We are discreet and easily blend in with the crowd, so if a surprise proposal is in your future, we are your best bet, hands down!

We love being part of the future. Preserve your engagement for all time with a 14k Studios engagement video and photography package.

Sports Events

Have you ever attempted to film a sporting event?  If so, you know how challenging it can be. Filming sports demands practice, knowledge of the sport, and ability to anticipate the action. With plenty of experience and a highly trained staff of camera operators, 14k Studios would find it rad if we were chosen to expertly capture your next sporting event.

We also have quite a penchant for promo videos, if you are an athlete wanting to procure sponsors, a promo video is in your future.  And, who better than a bunch of athletes from Colorado to film your promo?  We have an expert team of kayakers, climbers, snowboarders, skiers, skaters, SUPers and tons of other sports.  If we can’t do it, nobody can!

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Audrey Hepburn

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