Stories From WWII Survivors

Our director’s in-laws grew up in Poland. Two of them were born before the war. So our team sat down and listened to their firsthand stories about their childhood. Growing up in a war zone is unimaginable, so listen to these eyewitness stories of two children who lived during World War 2.

Backcountry Freestyle Snowboarding

It’s an X-Games style event when the Kellogg family meets up with friends in the Rocky Mountains for some big air tricks. They build a massive snow jump in the backcountry and use a snowmobile to get the speed necessary to launch off the jump on snowboards. Big air, hard tricks, and major wipeouts create […]

Insane Kayakers Slide Down 1000ft Slide!

Whitewater kayakers Grady Kellogg, Brody Kellogg, Kenny Kellogg, and Dally Kellogg push limits to the extreme. While driving across British Columbia they came across a man-made creek bed that dropped straight out of the mountains. It was steep, slippery, and very long. After scrambling up as far as they could make it before they ran […]

KelloggShow Official Trailer

The Kellogg Family is planning an overnight whitewater kayaking trip through the Gunnison Gorge in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With no guide, no help, and 11 kids in tow, they must bring everything they need to survive and navigate 14 miles of raging whitewater in the gorge. They must carefully pack all of their […]

Oh Be Joyful Creek – River Guide

Nested high in the mountains of Colorado, in the rural mountain town of Crested Butte, lies one of the most kayaked Class V creeks in Colorado, Oh Be Joyful Creek. With many waterfalls and cascading slides Oh Be Joyful has everything a whitewater kayaker could ask for. Although just about every good boater in Colorado […]

Golden Games – Screaming 1/4 Mile Race

Golden Games, the first competition of the Colorado circuit, is a blast for all types of boaters. From young to old, novice to pro it has something for everyone. For those more on the advanced side they host a steep creek race down a section of Clear Creek called Screaming 1/4 Mile. Its fast, its […]

Bowflex – The Best Dumbbells to Stay Fit Anywhere

Living large is something the KelloggShow does naturally and keeping up with their kids is something they strive to do … forever! Bowflex Selecttech 1090’s are an integral part of their healthy lifestyle. From kayaking, to snowboarding, to climbing, biking, hiking … they gotta stay in shape to keep charging life like they do!

The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.

-Peter Jackson


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